Pa Sheehy

Skinny Living

Brad Heidi

Following on from his sold out EU Tour and No.1 Ep “The Art of Disappearing”, Dingle native Pa Sheehy has announced new music is on the horizon. He has spent the last year diving into a “new world of sound” and just off the back of his Other Voices solo debut he has set his sights on a big winter tour and the release of a number of works he penned in 2022.

This time with a folky edge he continues to captivate listeners. His vocal delivery now with a smoother approach as opposed to his usual raspy tone, Sheehy feels like it's the “beginning of something that is completely me”.

Having spent the last three years “figuring it all out” he feels like it's ”time to set these songs free” as he sets his sights on a manifested 2023.

Sunday June 18th

Monroe's Live, Galway


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